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About Us


 Opal’s House is an emergency shelter assisting abused women and their children escaping a domestic violent situation.


 We strive to eliminate the effects of domestic violence within families or intimate partner relationships.  We endeavor to empower women and their children to rebuild and live their lives free of fear from harm within their families.  To achieve this we:

  • Provide a confidential and safe emergency shelter for abused women and their children
  • Provide Crisis intervention
  • Provide individual, children, group and family counseling
  • Provide Medical Advocacy
  • Provide a Legal Advocate
  • Provide Government/Community Resources, i.e., public assistance, transitional housing referrals, etc.
  • Maintain a 24-Hour Crisis Hotline
  • Provide one-year follow-up support

Support groups with the women and their children are facilitated by staff to encourage them to be aware of the dynamics of woman/children battering and learn skills for becoming independent and living a life free of violence.

Opal’s House Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are dedicated to empowering women to live their life free of violence.

All services are free and provided to the women and children regardless of religion, race, residency, disability, marital status, color, national origin, or ancestry.


Safety Alert: Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. If you are afraid your Internet and/or computer usage might be monitored, please use a safer computer, call the Opal’s House hotline, and/or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline.


Internet and Computer Safety


  • There are hundreds of ways that computers record everything you do on the computer and on the Internet.
  • If you are in danger, please try to use a safer computer that someone abusive does not have direct access, or even remote (hacking) access to.
  • Use a safer computer. It might be safer to use a computer in a public library, at a community technology center (CTC) [www.ctcnet.org (national directory)], at a trusted friend’s house, or at an Internet Cafe.
  • If you think your activities are being monitored, they probably, are.  Abusive people are often controlling and want to know your every move. You don’t need to be a computer programmer or have special skills to monitor someone’s computer activities – anyone can do it and there are many ways to monitor.
  • Computers can provide a lot of information about what you look at on the Internet, the e-mails you send, and other activities.  It is not possible to delete or clear all computer “footprints”.
  • If you think you may be monitored on your home computer, you might consider no home Internet use or “safer” Internet surfing.  Example: If you are planning to flee to California, don’t look at classified ads for jobs and apartments, bus tickets, etc. for California on a home computer or any computer an abuser has physical or remote access to.  Use a safer computer to research an escape plan.
  • E-mail is not a safe or confidential way to talk to someone about the danger or abuse in your life – please call Opal’s House or the National Domestic Violence Hotline instead.
  • Traditional “corded” phones are more private than cellular phones or cordless phones.


Opal’s House |  P.O. Box 2316  |  East St. Louis, IL 62202  |  (877) 672-5482


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